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On Trend for Winter 2017: Velvet

We know that in the world of interiors some trends are easier to embrace than others. If you’re still not sure about last summer’s pineapple motif or jungle leaf patterned wallpaper and Pantone’s Greenery, while a nice idea, was a bit too zingy to live with every day then you might well be ready for what this autumn has in store

Autumn is a great time to reset, to counterbalance the shorter days with layers of warmth and enticing colour. Having done some exploring the team at Weekes Estate Agents can report that the latest interior trends provide an instant refresh while being cosy enough to take you into the cooler months and beyond. 

Darker jewel tones are key this autumn: rich russet, plum and berry hues compliment the pastel shades of the summer and add a luxury, decadent feel. Deep inky blues and teals are still very much popular but the most welcome shift, according to Igor Josifovic, is that ‘2017 will be marked by a turn to our senses.’ This means that in our device crazy lives, where a great fraction of our interactions are done online, we are becoming hungry for experiences that use all our senses. Increasingly, we want to engage with our homes in a different way and tactile surfaces will become the centre of this providing a cosy, warm nest where we can soothe ourselves and rebalance during our down time. That makes perfect sense to me.

So, it stands to reason that a very richly coloured and tactile fabric such as velvet should re-enter the scene. Velvet is a silken fabric with a short dense pile and luxurious finish. It first entered popular consciousness in the 14th century from the Far East, where it was historically passed along the legendary Silk route from Arabic countries to the Italian cities of Florence, Sicily and Lucca. Last year we saw velvet back in fashion outlets and this year it has filtered down to add deep tones and rich texture to the world of interiors in the form of boutique style bedheads, accent sofas, curtains, throws and cushions.

Velvet is easy to incorporate into most schemes and is guaranteed to give warmth to your autumn and winter. For more ideas on how to style your house using velvet have a look at our mood board at pinterest.co.uk/weekes1000/velvet.

Photo: The beautifully named Flopster Sofa by Loaf with 'clever velvet' that is enduring. http://loaf.com/products/flopster-sofa