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Summer Property Presentation

Early summer is a fantastic time to put your house on the market. The garden is in full bloom and the photos will have a beautiful blue sky back drop. However, when it comes to the actual viewings there are a few other things to consider at this time of year that could help you set your property above the rest.


When stepping out of the glaring sunshine and into a property even a light and spacious one will feel dim. Dimly lit ones will feel dark. Agents do their best by turning on lights and commenting on the contrast with the day outside should this be necessary but it helps if the all the surfaces are free of clutter, the windows are clean and the walls are freshly painted in a light and airy shade where possible. If your house is north-facing try strategically placed mirrors to brighten the hallway.

Bright Accents

Pack away the winter throws and cushions and purchase a couple of accessories in pastel ice cream shades or contrasting jewel bright tones to lift a room. 

Outdoor Space

If there is a back garden, courtyard or even a balcony show how this space can be enjoyed during the summer months. When people view a potential place to live they are trying to imagine themselves there. Tidy the garden and add a small bistro table with a pot of flowers on top and two chairs can work wonders at creating a picture and you can always take it all with you when you move. It won’t cost the earth and it may make all the difference when it comes to clinching the deal. Not everyone can picture how good your garden/balcony
would be to sit out on so it’s worth going that extra mile.


Summer is a time for growth and colour so plant up a few pots and stand them next to the door, on the back patio or in the kitchen. It’s a small job but it makes the property look cared for and far more appealing. 

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