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Heart Wood Dulux Colour of 2018

It’s 15 years since Dulux starting naming a hero colour each year, a shade that is relevant in homes around the world.

You might think that they just pull a colour out of a hat but in fact  Dulux has been trend forecasting for 25 years, via an internal campaign called Colour Futures, only broadcasting its findings for the last five. Every year in Amsterdam, colour experts from 80 countries, plus other professionals, from social and economic forecasters to architects and tech leaders, are brought together to pin down the mood of the moment. Unbelievably they don’t discuss paint but what’s going on in the world at large, what’s driving people.

The Colour of the Year promotional taster video on YouTube portrays a busy, urban life where technology dominates and those caught up in the daily grind seek a relaxing and soothing home environment to escape to. Dulux have explained that the name evokes the concept of the home as a ‘sanctuary in a difficult world.’

At first glance the colour Dulux call Heart Wood looks like a muted heather with greyish tones. It’s warm and nurturing, subtle in some areas but with potential to add great contrast too. It appears sometimes calming and sometimes energising, in the short video clip, versatilely painted on doors, walls and cabinets around the home.

What are complimentary colour palettes to use with Heart Wood?

Weekes Estate Agents investigate…

Dulux have come up with three colour palettes to accommodate different tastes, but below are some simple ways to tie it in with what you’ve already got.

Paired with natural colours such as creams, taupes, and chocolate brown Heart Wood is gentle and warming. It’s neutral whilst still adding colour and transformation. It gives a very neutral room a very gentle lift.

Contrasted with other pastel shades such as pale pinks, spring greens and white it gives a fresh energised look.

For a modern, cosy feel Weekes suggest you mix Heart Wood with all different shades of pink, peach and copper with a hint of dark violet in there somewhere. This conjures up a very nurturing space to kick back in.

To create a more dramatic and dreamy interior use it with a nude pink tone and a bright indigo. This could mean Heart Wood on the wall, a nude or blush sofa and dark indigo accent cushions/throw and follows on from the popular nude and indigo combo loved by designers everywhere right now.

Heartwood looks great with warm woods, leather and velvet – all key textures right now to creating a cosy cocoon to return to at the end of each day.

The home is no longer a trophy, it is a retreat, a place to recharge. Who knew that a can of paint could be just the salve you’ve been looking for? For inspiration on how you can use Heartwood in your own home have a look at our mood board on www.pinterest/weekes1000/heartwood.

Photos from Dulux https://www.dulux.co.uk/en/articles/dulux-colour-year-2018