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Cactus Crazy!

Trends sometimes stick around longer than you think they will and this sure seems to be the case with the popular cactus motif (and the pineapple!) Cactus motifs popped up a few summer ago but are still to be found everywhere so the team at Weekes who all love nature decided to find out why…

Going beyond print design, the cactus shape is now being used in ceramics, decorative accessories and lighting for the home and interior market.

The Trend Bible explains that ‘this is because trends take time to trickle down to more mainstream consumer groups. The initial audience for this type of novelty product, the Early Adopters, will typically move on to the next thing quite quickly, but new, more mainstream audiences (we call them the Late Majority) begin to pick up on these trends later. The Late Majority audience is a much bigger portion of society so we tend to see trends really explode when they hit this consumer group, which can sometimes be a year or two after the trend is first evidenced.

But why is the cactus so popular? Certainly the cactus and the pineapple are playful and tie in with the existing craze for all things exotic. But could the amount of young people renting rather than buying a home be a factor? Some interior gurus proffer that novelty and whimsical accessories to decorate a rental home that you cannot otherwise make your own create an increased desire for such fun motifs.


Whatever the reason, cacti support the desire for lush energising greens around the home whilst still complimenting that tropical look. Succulents have been on trend for almost the last decade so it stands to reason that cacti too would have their day. Houseplants have become increasingly popular over the last few years and are no longer the domain of older folk. If you’re not great at looking after plants the cactus with its minimal care required could be just the splash of green you need to bring some outdoors indoors.

Be inspired by our Cactus Crazy Pinterest board.